Hotel Brexit in Kipling Land

Leaving Agra turned into our Great Indian Trauma. The fifteen minute taxi ride from our hotel to the airport took an hour. A political conference was taking place, and a small army of party devotees had descended on the city bringing the roads to gridlock. Not to worry, we’d left in ample time to allow for even a major delay. Athough that proved unnecessary, as upon arriving at Agra train station, we discovered that our train was running three hours late. Half an hour later, Continue reading “Hotel Brexit in Kipling Land”

The New Forest Tour

We did the local tourist bus tour last Friday. Tourist buses should never be overlooked. Even the ones on your own doorstep. They’ve usually fun, informative and a cheap way to get out. Our local bus tour takes us across the New Forest, with stops in old English towns which look just as you’d imagine old English towns should look. The photos are here on Flickr.