#TBT Ometepe

This story starts in the very late 1980s, about 15 years before this photo was taken. I went on a fishing trip with a friend of my dad’s. It was a day trip off the south coast, about 9 miles into the English Channel. I hadn’t at that point in my life been much of a mariner. One trip on a large car ferry across the channel to France was the sum total of my sea faring experience. But I had plans. Big plans. I had my application to join the Royal Navy filled out and ready to post. I can’t remember now what sort of job in the navy I was hoping to get. This trip was to be good practice to test my sea legs. Continue reading “#TBT Ometepe”

Nasty Nicaragua

Nicaragua is not going to be as much fun as Panama and as it is dawning on me that I have little more than four weeks left and will run out of time if I try and do everything on my itinary I`m going to head back south. Isla de Ometepe is the main attraction here, and having seen that and done my wandering about, Im going to make up time but cutting out Granada and the Corn Islands (which would have been expensiv anyway I guess). So to the bus I go, next stop San Jose!

On to Nicaragua

I will point out that getting sunburnt shins was really not my fault! I applied lots of Factor 30, but you can’t take the bottle into the one man raft with you because it’ll disappear down the river the first time the boat goes over. Which was at the first set of rapids! And as my legs spent longest in the water, they got the lotion ashed off and next thing you know…. Still it was no big deal in the end, lots of After Sun and they were fine. Anyhow, spent an extra day at La Fortuna to relax some, as the scenery was so good. Well, there aren’t going to be many days I wake up at the foot of a burbling volcano anyway. Although my extra day in the end did allow me to fully appreciate just how lucky I had been with the weather as it ended up totally enveloped in cloud once again. Which is pretty much all anyone ever sees of it

Have also discovered having chatted to some fellow travellers that everyone but me seems to get mental dreams after taking their Chloroquine tablets. I’m just gonna have to up my dose I guess! Yesterday I moved on, and spent a pretty exhausting 12 hours on buses up to the Nicaraguan border and over the other side to Rivas, where I am now. Not that theres anything in Rivas, I was just too late to get the ferry to Isla de Ometepe (and Im sure I remember that name from an Indiana Jones film!) which is my next destination. Crossing borders is pretty stressy really, and there are times I wish I hadn’t bothered and had stayed in the UK, or turned back to Montezuma to get my hammock back! Still, its all part and parcel of travelling. The one moment that lightened my mood was when being processed by Mrs Lesbian Morales. There’s no escaping that Nicaragua is a real Third World Country and from the little I have seen so far, it does seem like a bomb has hit the place. Literally. But the people have been incredibly friendly so far, and I’m looking forward to my stay here. Well thats all for today!