End Times

Let me see if I have this right. A handful of extremists have hijacked the Republican party, holding both it and the government to ransom in an effort to overturn a piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act. Despite that piece of legislation having already been passed into law by both chambers and the American people having given it their blessing through two presidential elections. I’m sure there are some finer details, and I don’t doubt there’s room for a mighty semantics based battle in those two sentences. But still. Am I on the right track? Roughly speaking?

I’m not sure I think the US political system is for me. I prefer the UK way.  Truly. Having a figurehead monarch from an inbred family as the head of state, an unelected upper house of barmy lords and a rowdy lower chamber of spivs, toffs and commies running the country has never looked more sensible. One house to govern, one house to oversee/advise and one house to rubber stamp. That’s teamwork. More importantly, it works. Every day. Sort of.

I really have little interest in getting into the Affordable Care Act / Obama debate. I would support a proper national health system. Others wouldn’t. But the issue seems to bring out the extremes in far too many people. People who are otherwise likeable, intelligent, rational individuals become completely insane. Geez. And I thought religion brought out the worst in people. Do people who enter the fray by breaching Godwins Law have any idea how ridiculous they sound?

Of course, things were much better in the old days. Much better. Today we’re all doomed. Yesterday was the time to be alive. The Affordable Care Act is the end of civilization as we know it.  Smallpox, polio and TB were much easier to deal with. The unrest in the Middle East? Proof of Armageddon. The millions who died in India/Pakistan during partition were nowt to worry about. Etc.

There is a way around this. Put on rose tinted glasses and remember all the good times. There were good times. That’s why there are communists in Russia and Eastern Europe who genuinely long for a return of communism. And people in the West Indies wishing the British Empire would come back and make things all good again. It’s human nature.  In the 50’s and 60’s, Rank made a series of shows that applied rose tinting at the moment of creation. They are interesting to watch. More pleasant to watch than the mass executions in Kenya, the invasions in Egypt, Malaysia and elsewhere and the other nastier realities of life that were occurring at the time.