Fixing India

India has a ton of problems that need fixing. Pollution, poverty and plastic waste all spring to mind. But the particular issue to which I refer is the processing of my photos from my holiday. I have a confession – I shot for two days straight with the white balance on my camera stuck at the far setting, enveloping every shot in a ghastly shade of red. Schoolboy error.for the first day at the Taj Mahal, because the lighting was poor and the LCD on the Continue reading “Fixing India”

The Beach Hut

The beach hut is a familiar sight along the sand and shingle beaches of seaside towns in the UK. The first beach huts were converted wheeled bathing machines, fisherman’s huts and sheds set up for the benefit of the working classes. Where might you find the first purpose built beach huts? Why, you’d find them here in Bournemouth. Continue reading “The Beach Hut”

Mysterious P

Perhaps the anonymous moniker of Mrs P is getting old and in need of a revamp. I liked the turn of phrase that came in Dana’s comment, a post or two ago. Mysterious P is a much better name. Here’s a photo that’s a suitable attachment to the name. Will it stick? Probably not. Mrs P is much easier to write. Continue reading “Mysterious P”

Photo of the Year

I have so far added 756 photos to my Flickr account in 2017. Some good, many so-so, a few that suck and a handful which I really like. There’s a few days left for more to go up, but I think I have a settled selection of the best of the year. It’s been a good year. We’ve been to Scotland, Spain and India. And within the UK we’ve been to stately homes and castles across the south/south east, punting in Cambridge and Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. It’s Continue reading “Photo of the Year”


The last day of this little project. I began to lose steam halfway through. I’m all photo’d out. It’s the last day of my four day holiday and I’m not moving off the sofa. Here’s a snap of my TV. It’s nothing outrageously special, but it’s a 55 inch 4K screen with smart features like BBC iPlayer and Netflix built in. It suits us just fine. But I really want a smaller, more discreet cabinet.


London is a magical place to be at Christmas. To be honest, most cities in Europe and the Americas are magic at Christmas. Apparently, in the US, there’s a War on Christmas. If there is, then I suspect that the ones whining about it and the ones waging it. I suspect Jesus would agree with me. If he existed…


I don’t drink tea. Ghastly stuff. I didn’t drink coffee until early 2004, and only then out of laziness. I worked with someone who brewed up on the hour every hour. It just seemed easier to say yes to a cup, than stand up and go get my own drink. I learned to love coffee. If there’s a choice, Starbucks wins every time. Cafe Nero is a close second. Costa Coffee is a distant third. Recently I went green and bought a reusable cup that gets me 25p off whenever I visit Starbucks. Which is quite often. If I’ve not got an early start at Continue reading “Seven/Four”

What’s In A Name?

I have uploaded 15,819 photos to my Flickr account over an eleven year period. Although some were taken before I joined up with Flickr but were uploaded later. Say, about a thousand images. Or less. At the time of writing, my photos have been viewed a total of 1,140,466 times. Which suggests I should probably have used Flickr as my blog, not WordPress. Continue reading “What’s In A Name?”

The Flickr Decade

In August 2006 I paid up for a Flickr Pro account. I’ve had a decade of use on the platform now, and still love it.  Since 2006 I’ve swapped cameras multiple times, changed blogging platforms a half dozen times but I’ve never found anything that is an improvement on Flickr. It’s cheap, it’s reliable, it’s versatile and it looks great on any device.

Continue reading “The Flickr Decade”

Photo 2015

Another year has almost passed us by. Where doe the time go? This year it was spent in London, Istanbul, Berlin, the south coast of England and at various country estates around the south. All carefully documented with my camera. I had a little look back and choose my favourite/better snaps of the last 12 months. And so I present to you, in no particular order, a selection of 18 shots that I liked the best. The next Ansel Adams I am clearly not. But I enjoy getting out and photographing what I see. And then processing the images into something more interesting when I get home…