#TBT Home

I recently popped back home. Define home? We can have several places we think of as home, can’t we? But I think that the place you grew up will always register as ‘home proper’. For me, that’s a small town in the far north western suburbs of London. It’s right on the border, with a small part of the town actually seeping into Hertfordshire. The rest of the town, that part sitting within the borders of Greater London, still has a county address though. Middlesex, which was abolished in 1965, lives on today only in Continue reading


Wreck on Reforma

I’ve cycled, walked, driven and otherwise passed this particular property on Reforma for years. And I’ve always looked at it and wondered what, exactly, the story behind it is. Reforma is, after all, one of the most famous, expensive and developed streets in the country. It’s home to the biggest museums, the zoo, the Angel, international banks, hotels of prestige and status, the tallest sktscraper in Latin America, and of course the hideously wealthy.

And yet amongst all this money lies this vacant old building, vandalised and forgotten about. It would need a fair bit of money to bring it up to date. Or more likely, to plant a nice shiny new building in its place. Yet it sits there, decaying more and more with each passing year. a sore thumb in the middle of a very bejewelled hand. Someone must own it. Someone must have claim to this gold mine in disguise. I’d just like to know…