The Sign of Summer

The robin is a welcome sight at any time of year. But the sight of his red breast is no signal that summer is about to arrive. That will be signalled by the appearance of a different type of breast. The robin is simply not one of the tits we’re all waiting to see. Nonetheless, Arne Nature Reserve turned out to be a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We will go back when the weather has warmed up a little.


Snow Birds

Winter is not my favourite season. It’s cold and bleak. There are some plus points. It’s nice to sit in a cosy pub, with a glass of Real Ale, looking out the window at the lashing rain and howling wind. It’s nice to go out in the first snows. It’s nice to curl up in front of a real fire in the evening. But the plus points are thoroughly outweighed by the minus points. Frozen floorboards to greet naked toes first thing in the morning. Frozen fingers jammed in pockets in a futile effort to warm them up. Dark walks to the bus stop in the morning. But most of all, months go by without feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Mexico doesn’t offer much in the way of seasons. Not in comparison, anyway. Rainy season and not rainy season. And Jacaranda season. The latter is pleasant, but short lived. What Mexico has is the sun, and lots of it. I love the sun. I never tire of it. There’s nothing finer than joining the mad dogs, on their midday stroll. Just me and the mad dogs, and any other Englishman that happens to be about. Sun block? For wimps and Johnny Foreigner. The lobster look is in for 2013.

I am sun starved at the moment. I’m sorely tempted to book myself a luxurious all inclusive holidays to Mexico. Spend a week or two lazing on a beach on the Mayan Riviera. Does it sound extravagant? It’s cheaper than a simple flight to Mexico City. It’s tempting. Very tempting. Failing that, perhaps I’ll joining the snow birds in San Miguel de Allende or Patzcuaro for some R & R. Whichever I choose, I’ll be happy to leave the snow birds of England behind. Including this little robin redbreast, the most famous of England’s winter birds. I’ve added him, and a couple of other feathered friends to my Birding set on Flickr. The robin is a fixture on traditional Christmas cards. That’s where I want to see my next robin. On a card.