Act of War

Every once in a while, a town that is local to me will hit the national news. One of the most exciting events was back in the late 90s when a bunch of animal activists burst into a fur farm in Ringwood, releasing thousands of mink. Yay for the freed mink! Not such great news for the native wildlife that then came into contact with the mink. In 2011, Mrs P and I returned from the land of the narco, where grisly beheadings were the norm. Only for someone to behead a man across the road from our workplace. And just recently, a well off gentleman is an exclusive neighbourhood round the corner from mother was shot dead in a bungled Continue reading


The Salisbury Swans

Mrs P has come to the conclusion that people in England are either really, really nice or really, really grotty. I do understand what she means. Yesterday she met one of the nice ones. An old gent feeding bread to the swans. He shared some with her – she also likes swans. These mute swans are resident to the UK, not migratory, and are (unless marked) all owned by the queen. Once upon a time, swan was a luxury meat favoured by the nobility. But after being eaten to near extinction, they were made property of the crown, and today thrive in our rivers. They are much like humans in many ways. They are monogomous and can pair for life, but will both cheat and ‘divorce’.



Now that I have a companion, Ive been getting out and about a bit more. Last stop was Salisbury, home of the famous cathedral. Some of the old churches and cathedrals that litter the UK are quite incredible architectural monuments. To think this was built when the Mayans were building Tulum, some 700 to 800 years ago.

The cathedral contains one of the four original copies of the Magna Carta. Which we had a good look at, behind its protective class. No photos allowed, sadly. But not unsurprisingly. That document has had quite some impact on the world, but when I look around I do think that we might be in need of a updated variant. How this would look, I haven’t yet decided. But I’d allow it to be photographed. Maybe that’s a topic for another post.

I took plenty of photos, including  a set on Flickr taken with my Olumpus Pen. But I got plenty of shots of the cathedral and town with my Samsung Galaxy S2, with the Camera 360 and Vignette apps, which I uploaded to a Facebook album. Both are great fun to use and whilst the purist might turn his or her nose up at the image quality, I think the final products are pretty funky.