Three Things

Three things that I may never tire of. Number One. Looking at the Taj Mahal. It’s a majestic beauty. I’m lucky to have seen it in the flesh with my own eyes. Number 2. Playing around with photos in editors of all sorts. One of my favourites over the last year or so is Prisma. I ‘created’ this one on my iPad using Prisma. Adding an iPad app to complement the iPhone app was a great move. Continue reading


The Taj

I found one of the few photos from India featuring both myself and Mrs P. There aren’t many of them, for obvious reasons. Someone has to hold the camera, and that’s usually me. But I clearly must have trusted someone here. Enough to let them hold my Fuji for just a few moments. It’s a nice shot. Nicer now that I’ve processed it with a little more care. But maybe it’s a little over saturated. Or else I had a better tan than I remember.


Less Agro, More Agra

We departed Delhi early in the morning, catching an Ola taxi to the train station. Or as close to the train station as our driver could get. The crush of people, tuk tuks, roaming animals and other vehicles became more dense the closer we got, and we gradually ground to a complete halt. The final couple of hundred metres were on foot, pushing squeezing and banging past the many obstructions on our way to the station entrance. Once there, we queued up to go through security. Continue reading