Remember the Estrellas del Bicentenario series of short videos that Televisa produced? Well, they are back at it again, with a series called Tradiciones. Here’s the Veracruz episode. There’s more to be found on YouTube if you look around. British TV has also been celebrating Mexico. Although not everyone has seen the funny side. Humour doesn’t always cross borders successfully!

Una Estrella Mas – Coahuila

Here it is ladies and gentleman, the final star. Like most things Bicentenario, it’s happened after the fact, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching! There were ten stars in all. You might count elevan in my list. One wasn’t a real Estrella – Saltillo. But no Distrito Federal. Boo.


Una Estrella Mas – Chiapas

Una Ăşltima estrella. The last star. That’s your lot, unless I have screwed up and missed one. I don’t think I have. It’s a shame there weren’t more of them. For a start, where is DF?!?! I could go and make one myself I guess. If there are any tall, dark haired ladies out there with large breasts and sultry pouts who don’t mind wandering around Mexico City for a few hours in weird brightly coloured clothing…..get in touch! No, really. I’m not joking…. 🙂

Un Estrella Mas – Chihuahua

The Bicentenario draws closer. Sixteen days and counting. The decorations are up in the Zocalo and months, nay years, of preparations are about to bear fruit. Televisa have been broadcasting a series of short films for months celebrating Mexico. Here’s the first, Chihuahua. The others will come, as a sort of blog countdown to the big day, if you like…

Estrellas Del Bicentenario

Televisa have started showing some 3 minute clips, celebrating the beauty, both natural and cultural, of Mexico in the run up to the big Bicentenario celebrations in September. The video I’ve posted below is from the state of Sinaloa and features the Chepe railway – I took a ride on this awesome train from Los Mochis to Creel in 2003. To say I highly recommend you, whoever you are, do the same is a huge understatement.

The video features some very Mexican looking men and some very attractive, but not necessarily Mexican looking ladies. I’m sure there was logic in their casting choices and I for one am not arguing with them. At least they don’t look non Mexican I guess. The official webpage is here and their YouTube page is here. So far they’ve gotten seven states to agree to producing these three minute videos, the one below is for Sinaloa, but hopefully the other couple of dozen or so will join in the fun. And really, these videos shouldn’t be confined to Mexico – they are fantastic tools to help bring in a little tourism.