Borough Market

London has a multitude of famous old markets. Our favourite is Borough Market, near London Bridge. It’s a great place to go at any time of year for a bite to eat. You may know it from movies such as Bridgit Jones Diary. Or, sadly, from a news report last year. We went recently, on a frosty weekday morning in the middle of winter. Hardly peak time. It was packed with people. The simple presence of every single one of whom is a two fingered salute to ideological idiots. On every side. Continue reading


Viva Paris

Some people here in the UK don’t seem to get why Brits seem more sympathetic to Parisians than they do to Lebanese and Palestinians. Perhaps you’ve noticed this elsewhere in the West. I wouldn’t have thought that this phenomena wouldn’t be too hard to grasp, but it does seem to be beyond the intellect of a surprisingly large number of people. Hands up who has been to Paris? And to Beirut? The Gaza Strip? I think I see more hands for Paris.

Hands up who envisages London turning into the next Beirut? No one? How about a Paris style atrocity occurring in Covent Garden and Kensington? Sadly, there’s every chance it will happen.  We can relate to Paris. We know Paris. We live just a couple of hours by train from Paris. It’s not, fortunately, a normal feature of Paris life. It still has shock value. We worry about being the ‘next Paris’. Comprende? Failing that, why are you whining about Beirut and Palestine and not Honduras or Mexico?

I’m tired of people of all ideologies smugly claiming some sort of personal victory, valediction or bragging rights every time an atrocity is committed. You predicted this? Really?? Goddamn, just give me next weeks lottery numbers right now, pendejo. Right wingers gloat ‘I told you so’ in their misinformed, prejudiced rants about the dangers of multiculturalism. Yet supported, and still support, the actions that actually led us down this path.

The left wingers who defend Islam as a religion of peace are just as bad. There is no such thing as a religion of peace, Islamic, Christian or Buddhist. The first two in particular boast many scriptures urging violence. At the end of the day, the path of peace or violence is a personal choice for each follower.

Tragedy really does bring the worst out in the sickos of the world. Whether it’s Donald Trump and his fan club claiming that more guns are needed to solve the problem, or others who justify (or simply mitigate) the murders in Paris with the atrocities committed in the Middle East. It may be true that 9/11, 7/7 and 13/11 are everyday Gazan life. But this isn’t a competition. And then there are the conspiracy theorists. Who are perhaps the most deluded, poorly informed and ignorant members of our society. They wouldn’t know reality if it slapped them in the face.

I don’t know where we go from here, other than more of the same. But I have decided that an awful lot of people shouldn’t be allowed to have opinions if they can’t exercise some rational thought and responsibility. In the age of the internet, words have become more dangerous than sticks and stones. Viva Paris.



Worst Terrorists Ever

I wasn’t going to post about this. It got far too much attention as it was. And now, to make a point that it got far too much attention, I’ll give it some more. I’ve failed you already. But let’s give it some perspective. The story? The attack on and murder of the soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London. By two British born black gentlemen who converted to Islam, about the same time as the UK and US were invading Iraq.

Here’s the perspective. They were the most crappy, ineffective, inept and dumb terrorists ever. There’s a lot of competition out there – generally speaking, Western born terrorists are dumb by definition. But these guys top the charts. First of all, where’s their damned ambition? They killed ONE soldier. And that’s all they set out to do. One. Uno. Pathetic. How long did they sit in their squat thinking this one up?

Secondly, they set out to behead him, but by all accounts failed to do so. Even though they had the best part of a quarter of an hour before armed police turned up. Meat cleavers and knives and fifteen minutes. Epic fail. Then they got faced down by a pair of little old ladies. And when the armed police arrived? With guns? Versus meat cleavers? Well, of course, they charged at the officers. And were shot. That was never going to end well, was it? Cleavers versus guns. The mind boggles.

Actually, let’s step back. When they charged the police, one of them did have a gun. He raised it and pulled the trigger. I understand it backfired and blew his finger off. Then they shot him. Several times. Fail again. So there’s the perspective. Two nutters commit ghastly crime, but also it was the world’s most pathetic terrorist attack ever. But it’s not been off the front pages since. And because they weren’t killed, we’ll have many months of them on our televisions as their trial proceeds.

They’ve gotten far more attention than they deserved. Nutters like this thrive off attention. We can control that. We can’t stop nutters doing nutty things, but we can cut off their livelihood – attention. But we didn’t. In fact we even started giving air time to other fundies who wanted to air their views. And, of course, it brought out the white power nutters too. Just turn the cameras off. Report the murder, ignore the murderers.

In other less important news, buried behind the news of nutters, celebs and general gossip,there are millions of people who remain unemployed in the UK, and tens of millions who are struggling to make ends meet due to the incompetence of bankers, lawyers and politicians. There are though, unbelievably, a million people employed in call centres. A million. Why the hell does a country of 65,000,000 need a million call centre operatives?