Busman’s Holiday

Do you remember my bus story? A resolution has come to pass. It’s taken far longer than it should. And I never did get an answer as to how such incidents might be better handled in future. But I did, finally, get a response today which covers the costs I’d had to bear. And a little bit more. Next time I top up, I will get an extra two weeks added to my card at no extra charge.

Some companies do customer service really well. Southern Trains are a good example from recent personal experience. My train home from a recent day trip to Brighton was delayed by more than two hours. I filled out a simple Delay Repay form on their website, and I got a full refund of £40 in the form of rail vouchers within a fortnight. The delay wasn’t even their fault – someone threw themselves in front of a train in front of us. I feel I can almost forgive them for their appalling adverts- see below.

It’s all really so simple. Listen to the customer. Establish if you screwed up. Put things right with the customer. And work out how you’ll prevent it happening again. Oh, and make sure you keep the customer regularly updated. Anyone disagree?

Of course, some complaints are frivolous and without any real foundation. I encounter them on a daily basis in my current job. But the real classics were during my decade with Texaco. Some members of the public just have expectations that are a little too high.

Mexico City

Mexico Revisited

The big day has finally arrived, so fingers crossed for a non crashing flight, and Mexico here I come! On 20th May I left Texaco for a second time to spend some quality time with my favourite country. It has been a couple of months in the making, so I’m glad the waiting is finally over and I can get the horrible 18 hour flight (including a stop and change in Madrid) over and done with. It’s never a pleasant experience.


Getting Ready

Only four days to go till take off, and just 2 days left at Texaco. Can’t wait, really can’t. And as usual I’m leaving half the planning to the last minute….all adds to the fun. So long as I remember passport, swimming trunks and cashcard it’ll all be fine! I have even managed to get this little website a domain name and a little place on the ‘net. For what purpose I’m not entirely sure, but I can use this bit as a record of my travels anyway, to remind myself of it all when I end up sitting in a hospice going slowly senile. It may yet turn out to be an easy way to get out of emailing each and every person seperately……..Of course, this is all reliant on me being able to update the site from Mexico, so this may well end up being both the first and last post!