Ten Years

The older one gets, the more one’s calendar seems to fill up with memorable dates. But today’s is special. Ten years ago today, on the 08/08/08, the Beijing Olympics opened with a lavish ceremony. Oh, and Mrs P and I got hitched. A less lavish ceremony in Milwaukee. But just as fabulous. And I bet we’re in better shape than a lot of that Olympic infrastructure. Congratulations to us. And here’s to another decade of happiness. And another after that. And so on.


The One That Got Away

The guy who just nabbed this lovely lady didn’t let his catch get away. But he sure ruined my catch. This is an almost shot. Almost great. Almost perfect. Love the colours, love the expressions, the focus, the veil. But I’ve cropped as far as I can. And the new hubby is still giving me the cold shoulder. Gutted. If I’d known how this would turn out, I’d have shot more frames. Alas, I didn’t. This isn’t my first ‘almost’ shot. It won;t be my last. It’s one of my most disappointing though.