Chesil Beach

This is a special beach, an hour or so down the road from us. It’s a beach that has been 6,000 years in the making, and like most beaches it’s still ‘in the making’. The pebbles may appear to be a uniform size, but as you go up or down the beach they become larger or smaller. And every century, the storms that batter this part of the coast push the beach five metres back. There’s plenty about this 29km long stretch of beach to interest the geologically minded. But for those of us who are less scientifically inclined, it’s simply a Continue reading


The Tall Ship

Once upon a time, large sail ships in the waters around Britain were not an uncommon sight. To say the least. Some contained sugar, spice and all things nice. Others contained cannons and gunpowder. Some contained black folk from Africa, on their way across the Atlantic. All of them were vital ingredients in the growth of the British Empire. I probably don’t need to explain the controversial aspects of this to you. Continue reading


Winter Blues


English weather is what it is. This morning was bright and pleasant. It’s now blowing a gale and chucking down rain. Later it might snow. Or be sunny. Who knows? Last week at Weymouth’s famed beach it looked like a lovely spring day. But most definitely felt like February. The problem is, even come summer, it is likely to feel like February.