TEFLers Guide Mexico City

I’m often asked about the ins and outs to teaching in Mexico City. My replies vary according to the amount of time I have spare. But the answer is, and always has been, in full public view within the hundreds of pages of my blog. Trouble is, not everyone has the time or patience to go through a couple of thousand posts looking for the relevant ones.

And so I have gone through and collated a collection of the most relevant posts, and stuck them into an A to Z book, handily titles ‘The TEFLers Guide Mexico City’. Now truth be told, it’s not really a definitive guide to anything. It is essentially a collection of blog posts. Plenty of information, yes. A good place to start, perhaps. A real life experience told as it happened, definitely.  In depth analysis and step by step guides instructions. No.

I hold the opinion that, for Mexico anyway, anyone claiming to have a definitive guide is stretching the truth a little. Or simply telling full on porky pies.  There are too many variables, too many different interpretations and too many different Mexicos. One persons experience of getting a work visa can differ wildly from someone else’s.

This is a country where you need to find your own way to a large degree. What I do offer with this book are stories of what happens when you take wrong directions, and suggestions as to which direction might work out. I can tell you where, at least, the visa office is, what worked for me, and what problems I’ve heard others have.

I decided to keep a slightly ‘bloggish’ format and to include dates for a couple of reasons. Firstly, so that a reader will know which stories are possibly out of date, and which are recent and more relevant. Secondly, to enable a reader to locate the original post. There’s good reason for doing so, if one topic is particularly interesting – the comments. Thousands of comments have been left on my blog over the years, many of which had helpful advice and extra information.

As I mentioned, I’ve put the stories into an A to Z format. Which isn’t easy. Some sections are stronger than others. Finding stories for X and Z was a struggle! But the A to Z format makes it easy to dip in and out of the book, according to what info you are specifically looking for today. Crime, Economy, Food, Getting About, Language, Religion, Sports and of course TEFL all have plenty of posts attached.

Have I convinced you that you want to buy this book? It’s a bargain I tell you. The paperback can be bought from Lulu at under $15, and currently has a discount attached. Or you can buy the Kindle version direct from Amazon for just $2.99. Alternatively you can buy the ebook in PDF format for just $1.99 by clicking the Buy Now link below. When you have handed over the readies, don’t close the PayPal window – you will be directed to a page where you can download the book.

4 thoughts on “TEFLers Guide Mexico City

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  3. Hey Gary, I’m back in Mexico City and remembered the TEFL guide that you wrote so I went ahead and bought the PDF with my paypal account. Only problem, no link appeared (that I could see anyway) to download it. Looking forward to having a read, I’m starting some classes tomorrow, so if you could let me know how I can get my hands on it or more accurately onto my computer it would be much appreciated. Cheers and hope your doing well – regards, Peter.


    • Jeez, I forgot to deactivate the book from Paypal!! I’ve refunded your money! The book is nothing more than a collection of posts from my blog, and was more an experiment to see how I could potentially monetise my blog via publications. I always intended to go back and produce a proper polished book. But never did. I didn’t think anyone would still find it and buy it!

      You are certainly welcome to a free copy of the book though! It can be found here: https://garydenness.co.uk/thank-you/

      I’ve tested the download link and it does work, and having slated it a bit, I will say that there are possibly a few bits and pieces which you might find interesting. But the bulk of it is all about living in Mexico City rather than tefling, and I’d be preaching to the choir with you as far as DF goes!


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